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Ice theme New Year party: are you ready to chill?

There's always a good reason to throw a party. And if you lack ideas on what to put on the table, trust us at IKEA. Just close your eyes and start counting the last minutes of this year. We invite you to a stylish ice theme New Year's party. Where? Right in your living room!

Bring more colours to the festive table: delicious ideas for Christmas!

You don't need much to hold a festive dinner at home: just a new tablecloth, a beautiful dinnerware and certainly some guests. What about the treats? Check out the IKEA menu for food that's rich in taste and colours.

A modern take on a festive Swedish table

Here in Sweden, our holiday traditions run deep. We love simplicity and nature, often referencing them in our daily lives. But this year we’ve found a way to style the dining table in a cool mash-up of graphic modernity and a fairy tale forest, in a richly-hued spin on the classic greens and reds. With a nod to our heritage, we’re turning it up a bit.

Make it personal: three ways to decorate your napkins with paint

IKEA co-workers come from all over the world. Some of us don’t go home for Christmas, others don’t celebrate Christmas. But we still love coming together to celebrate the holiday season with good company and good food. And you can too.

Ideas for a pop-up dinner party

This season, why not take the stress out of hosting by getting everyone involved? A group of friends show us how they like to do it in their communal home…

How to dress your table to impress

Every now and then we all have a dinner party where we want to pull out all the stops and go all in elegant. We’ll leave you to work your magic with the food, but here’s our top tips to win a few wows with a beautiful table setting.

3 trends to add a little sparkle to your Christmas tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with style, using these three trends from Marie Tenglund, Interior Designer at IKEA UK and Ireland.

How to decorate your Christmas tree

Use these tips to bring the festive feeling home with a perfectly decorated Christmas tree from Marie Tenglund, Interior Designer at IKEA UK and Ireland.

5 ways to set a stylish winter table

Create an inviting atmosphere in your home this winter with these stylish seasonal table settings

The magic of lights: decorate your home with lighting chains

Make it beautiful, original, affordable and stylish! Use the LED lights that consume up to 85% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

The magical VINTER collection: amazing paper creations by Bea Szenfeld

Swedish designer and artist Bea Szenfeld has a knack for creating amazing garments and art pieces out of plain paper. Bea’s work has been exhibited around the world and her amazing paper creations have been worn by stars like Lady Gaga and Björk. Now the virtuoso brings her skills to IKEA and our new VINTER collection.

Turn a living room into a dramatic scene

Join us as we transform a room from a bookworm haven during the day to a fantastic magical setting during the night.

Our favourite recipes for leftovers

Let’s face it, sometimes our groceries end up in the bin a bit more often than we’d like. That got us thinking what recipes we in the Ideas team love that use up leftovers, older fruits and veg and foods close to their expiry date. Come over and have a taste!

Diy: A super-easy pom pom trim

Looking for a fun way to liven up those linens? We’ll show you how to give your blanket the pom pom look.

A no-cook holiday dinner party

Here’s how to throw a dinner party without cooking a single thing or even using a single plate. Want more good news? You can find most of these items at your IKEA store.

Festive decorating with kids

This winter, get children involved in making your home sparkle! For Lilly and her daughters, decorating together is a yearly tradition. ‘It makes this time of year feel special,’ says Lilly. She shares her ideas.

Personalise gift wrapping for the fashionista

When the gift inside the box is so perfectly tailored to the glamorous fashionista, don’t just wrap the box in lacklustre paper. Go all out and make bow rosettes, and even labels, to really personalise that gift for your most fashionable friend.

Celebrate more, for less

Get creative in the kitchen and you’ll see that celebrating doesn’t take much. Whether it’s making homemade gifts with your little helpers or cracking on with party prep whilst they enjoy playtime, there’s enough room for everyone.

The holiday’s brand new bags

Sure, you could just wrap your gifts and put them under the tree, but Santa’s a little more creative than that. This year he’s delivering holiday presents in style with three updated takes on his classic gift sack. Whether cool graphic, modern monochrome or traditional, each sack is super simple to make and easy to customise.

Hot, cold or frozen: three ways to serve swedish rice pudding

Fresh from the oven or leftovers from the freezer, rice pudding can be your go-to comfort food however you like to eat it. Here are three new ways of serving this Swedish Christmas classic.

How to make Christmas stocking gift bag

It’s a holiday classic, so why not go bigger and bolder? This easy-to-make sack is perfect for gifts of all sizes and can be reused year after year.

Enjoy crafts together with friends

Try out a new hobby and a new way of hosting. Amanda loves holding craft nights at her cottage – here’s how she sets the scene for festive wreath-making.

DIY advent calendar countdown: Hijack your kitchen’s hooks & rails

These rails are usually where the utensils hang out, but we think hanging small gift boxes is a much better way to spread some Christmas cheer.

Decorate with greenery for the holidays

Sometimes simple plants and flowers can be the most striking. Here are a few ways we love to brighten up the home with natural elements.

5 essential tips for a fantastic dinner party table setting

So you’re hosting a dinner party and want to win a few wows with your table setting? We can help out! Come check out our stylist Jenny’s guide to lifting your dining table from the every day to something a bit more special.

3 last-minute DIY gift ideas

If you don’t have time or money to spend this year, we’ve got three ideas that are quick, easy, affordable, and personal. All you have to do is add a bit of love.

3 alternative DIY snow globes

Get inspired with our three new takes on decorative ‘snow’ globes that will last beyond the holidays.

How to do one room in two different styles

The details make your home. Here we’ve used the same room in two settings, letting small, easy changes create two completely different styles. See how you can do it, step by step.

Let your home sparkle and pop

Invite some gala feel into your home! Regardless if it’s to greet the new year or just for the fun of enhancing your everyday – here are some playfully glittering tips.

Timeless fun with classic toys

In these hi-tech times, the old-world simplicity of well made wooden toys can bring a child hours of pleasure. Take play off-line this festive season with the gift of some retro fun and games.

5 gift ideas for the people on your shopping list

Find the perfect present for the person who knows exactly what they like with our gift guide.

Three living rooms that say: Welcome!

Greeting a guest can be done in many ways. Here are three living rooms that each have their special way – and style – to offer a heart-warming, welcoming atmosphere. 

Make the wrapping part of your gift

Give your gift wrapping a life beyond Christmas – by making it part of your gift.

Easy gingerbread baking for kids

Build your children’s confidence in the kitchen with this fun, festive baking idea that lets them take charge – and enjoy the taste of their labour!

Treats to feel good about

It’s the season for little indulgences. Tuck into the new BELÖNING chocolate, with delicious flavours such as lingonberries and coffee nibs, and the KAFFEREP range of biscuits and pastries, all produced responsibly so snacking feels as good as it tastes.

How to decorate with candles this festive season

There’s nothing like lighting candles to get the mood just right. Try these tips to help you create a feeling of calm and cosiness.

How to print your own gift wrapping for an animal lover

We spend ages choosing presents for the ones we love. So why do we then bulk wrap 20 gifts with the same wrapping paper? With a little extra time and effort you can also match the gift wrapping to the receiver. Check out how you can personalise gift wrapping for the animal lover.

Make your own personalised gift labels for sports fans

You have a person in mind for every gift you buy. Each present is personal. So continue this personalisation with the labelling and wrapping. Find out how you can make those gifts for your sport-loving friends extra special.

Simple festive table setting

Simple, personalised place settings and natural decorations create a relaxed, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Our IKEA-inspired gingerbread creation

Mmm. Gingerbread. A DIY holiday decoration you can eat, too? Delicious—especially the mistakes! This year, we decided to make a gingerbread house inspired by IKEA. But we took it one step further and made our IKEA—the Ideas Lab in cookie form! Come see.

Last-minute and low-price gift ideas

The holidays are wonderful—and stressful. So if you don’t have the time, energy or money for figuring out those few last-minute gifts, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 3 easy gift ideas under 20€ that are thoughtful and practical, too.

Traditional Swedish holiday treats remade

Swedes love making holiday treats like classic gingerbread cookies, toffee and saffron buns. In the IKEA Ideas lab, we really love playing around. So we asked recipe developer and food stylist Fia Arosenius Ahlanzberg to cook up new spins on these tasty traditions. Check out the sweet videos and recipes below.

Brew a warming festive tea

When it’s cold outside, give your guests a warm welcome with a mug of tea. See how festive flavours, such as cinnamon and orange, can put a spicy twist on your traditional brew…

Bake it, freeze it, thank yourself later

When the holiday rush is on, overwhelm sneaks up fast. Why not do what you can to lighten the load? A few reliable sweets tucked away in the freezer will make entertaining or even just quick snacking simple and fun.

Get stamping!

Alright, so kids aren’t famous for loving vegetables, but after this idea they might be. We’ve been testing out craft activities that are great for parents and kids to do together in the Ideas lab with the help of our editor Linda’s young family. For this test it’s all about veges and paint. Come see!

Create a heartwarming gift for the host

Surprise your hardworking and gracious host with these thoughtful gifts that go beyond the ordinary flower bouquet. The best part? These presents can be reused, so the memories will last a long time!

5 alternative trees for the holidays

Sometimes it’s tricky to fit a traditional tree into your space. Here are five festive alternatives to suit your needs AND reflect your personality. Get inspired!

The holiday-ready kitchen

No other part of the home sees as much action during the holidays as the kitchen. And while we wouldn’t have it any other way, we think every kitchen can benefit from a few easy tweaks and upgrades. Less stress, more fun and tons of food!

An advent calendar castle for kids

Children can’t wait until the big holiday, can they? Our DIY advent calendar KOMPLEMENT castle idea helps them keep track of how many days (or sleeps) are left, so they don’t have to keep asking you! Plus they get a little treat—and you can reuse the calendar, too.

3 ways to light a holiday window

Magical. Festive. Sparkling. We think there’s just something charming about decorating windows with lights for the holidays. So we’re passing along that warm and fuzzy feeling with three easy holiday window decor ideas to light up your cosy nights!

4 light chain displays that shine bright

Twinkling, sparkling, light chain arrangements. They’re easy to create, last all season long, and have a super high success rate for spreading joy. You officially have our blessing to go nuts with them.

How to take a break when there’s no time

When your life is overloaded with family, friends and socialising, a quick break to recharge can be priceless. See how you can grab a spot and create a moment of rest.

Lighting up a party of one

Festive occasions tend to involve gathering a lot of people. But of course it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes all you want is to make the moment special just for you.

How to plan a stress-free dinner party

Hosting a dinner party is one of those events that is both a lot of fun and, as anyone who’s tried to make 10 individual soufflés knows, can be a little stressful too. Here’s our guide to planning your party so that you can concentrate on the conversation rather than hoping your roast will cook in time.

3 ways to snag some solo time during the holiday rush

When it comes to the holidays, we believe in taking a step back rather than going all in. Find your own peace and quiet in one of our calm spaces where you can retreat, unwind, and recharge.

Expert tips for winter floral displays

Florist Łukasz Marcinkowski shows us how to create three easy, naturally beautiful winter displays at home.

Quick tips for a perfect holiday bash

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. We want to make a big impact, but don’t necessarily have the time to spend all weekend preparing to cook for guests. The trick to making a splash? It’s all in the presentation. Here’s how we do it.

Festive table setting with drama

Three quick but impactful ideas that set the scene for a special occasion.

Festive accessories to add a touch of magic

For some of us, the holiday season is all about hosting big gatherings, for others it’s an opportunity to unwind alone. From cosy sheepskin cushions to twinkling LED lights, the new VINTER 2018 collection has a winter accessory to make your plans magical, whether they’re big or small.

‘Tis the season for lighting chains

Thanks to LEDs, lighting chains are more versatile than ever. Here are handy tips on how to make them a holiday hit in your home.

Enter a world of fun and games with LUSTIGT

IKEA pushes play in new ways with LUSTIGT collection – a toy destination for an expanded age range. Made from high quality materials, such as natural wood, each toy is designed to encourage togetherness and creativity. The focus? Playing without rules or restrictions. The games have no start and no end – you just keep on playing and see where the fun takes you.

’80s design icons in limited GRATULERA collection

Celebrate 75 years of IKEA design with the newest GRATULERA capsule collection, featuring vintage favourites from the ’70s and ’80s.

Open up to change

Welcome to a home where nothing is more constant than change. Here you will find lots of flexible, multifunctional furniture and solutions that let the family of four spend time together and hang out with their friends.

Put your passions on show with SAMMANHANG

When asked, 32% of us admitted to having things at home that we hide from others. Take pride in your stuff! Use the new SAMMANHANG range to organise and display the things you love.

Maximise space with smart storage

Downsizing or living in a tiny studio? Work your walls! Get inspired by IKEA interior designer Nina Parkeborn’s best tips on how to maximise a home that’s just 16 square metres.

A personal and eclectic home interior

Get inspired by interior stylist Hans Blomquist’s maximalistic home imagined for a couple who loves to travel and show off their style through their unique finds.

A comfortable family room that works for everyone

You don’t need to give up on style to create an inclusive home where your family can enjoy time together and still do their own thing. Get inspired by this modern space from the 2019 IKEA catalogue!

The conscious collective

How can you make best use of the earth’s resources in an urban collective? Get inspired by interior stylists Therese Ericsson and Kerstin Bohne’s clever use of space in the 2019 IKEA catalogue.

A colourful and cosy small space for two

Downsizing or living in a tiny studio? Work your walls! Get inspired by IKEA interior designer Nina Parkeborn’s best tips on how to maximise a home that’s just 16 square metres.

A soothing home to relax in

In this modern oasis, imagined by interior designers Nina Parkeborn and Pella Hedeby for the 2019 IKEA catalogue, the aim was to create a light and airy home where you can relax and recharge.

GRATULERA: reviving IKEA designs of the 50s and 60s

Celebrate 75 years of IKEA design with GRATULERA, a new limited- edition collection of vintage favourites.

5 ways to find indoor garden spaces

Got garden dreams in the urban jungle? Let’s get them growing! When you’re short on flowerbeds and veggie patches our tip is to get clever with the space you have. Here’s five of our favourite ways for finding green areas where you think you might not have any.

How to keep cool on your staycation

Get inspired by our simple tips on how to beat the heat at home without resorting to energy-draining fans or air conditioners.

Stylish work spots for new beginnings

Whether you are a kid awaiting the first day at school or a college student dreaming of new adventures of independent life, we all wait for new beginnings. Though they can seem intimidating at first, they also bring more opportunities to life and open up new spots for undiscovered talents, never-felt senses and future stories.