1.    Is the product available at the store?   
Please see the information indicated by each product, in order to know, if the product is currently available at the store. The notification “Sorry, this item is not currently available” means that the product is out of stock and we are waiting for the delivery.  As soon as the product will be delivered, you will see the notification “Product available in store”. We have regular deliveries at the store. Please follow the changes on the website.

2.    I have purchased a defective product. The purchased product has a missing part. The ordered product was not delivered. What should I do?
If you have purchased a defective product or if you discover that a part is missing, please contact employees at the Exchange and Return department (Preču maiņas un atpakaļatdošanas nodaļa), who will exchange the product or will hand out the missing part.
If an ordered product was not delivered to you or was delivered defective, please send us an e-mail describing this case to info@IKEA.lv. Please indicate your contact information and attach a purchase receipt and the purchase order form. We will get back to you to find an amicable solution.

3.    How and where can I order assembly, measuring, installation or delivery services? What are the prices of your services? Can I make financed purchases (for a loan) in the IKEA store?
You can order IKEA services – measurement, assembly, installation, delivery and other services – at the store, in the Customer Relations department. IKEA provides also financed purchases (loan). Click here to see the prices of services: https://www.ikea.lv/en/customerservice/about_services.

4. Can I return items? 
IKEA complies with flexible return policy. You can return your purchase within 90 days or within 365 days if IKEA Family card was presented at the time of purchase.

5.    Can corporate clients pay for a purchase via bank transfer?
Yes, it is possible to pay for products via bank transfer. To do that, please contact the IKEA Business department, writing to B2B@IKEA.lv. IKEA experts will offer the best solution and will prepare the advance payment invoice.    

6.    Can I reserve IKEA products?
Reserving or pre-ordering IKEA products is not available. 

7.    Where can I learn about the job openings?
The available job vacancies and the application process is described on the IKEA website. Click here to learn more: https://www.ikea.lv/en/together-we-get-things-done.
You can also submit your CV at the store. Just give it to any IKEA employee; they will hand it over to the Human Resources department. At the store, by the entrance, there is a specially designated spot for submitting inquiry forms.

8.    Can I bring a pet to the store?
We love pets, however, due to safety reasons, we are unable to admit them in our store. The only exception is recognised assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities.

9.    Can I order products from IKEA in another country?
Unfortunately, products from other IKEA stores cannot be ordered to the IKEA Latvia store.

10.    Where do I find terms & conditions for the IKEA Buyback campaign? 
Find terms & conditions for the IKEA Buyback campaign here https://www.ikea.lv/en/terms-and-conditions-of-the-campaign-buy-back-
11. Why the order handling fee of 3.99 € is applied?
The order handling fee is intended to cover the costs of the warehouse systems maintenance and products handling. It is applied to online orders under 100 € at the IKEA.lv store. If your shopping cart value is equal to or greater than 100 €, there is no extra fee. The order handling fee is not applied when shopping at the physical IKEA stores either.