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The atmosphere created by the interior works both on the wellbeing of customers and of employees, whereas the success of your business depends on both of the above.

We at IKEA offer excellent design, diversity of styles, great price and the quality you can really trust. Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to set up functional premises or choose the furniture.

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We can offer furnishing solutions for varied business needs, from offices and corporate premises to residential buildings, shops, hotels, and restaurants.

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  • Residential buildings
  • Rental apartments
  • Hotels


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  • Institutions

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  • Small shops
  • Cafés & Restaurants
  • Professional services

New co-working space

Looking for a comfortable place to work remotely, meet with partners or have a job interview in an informal environment? Visit our new co-working space in Riga, at the "Spice" shopping centre.

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You can do it all yourself – but you don’t have to. We want to make this as easy as possible for you.
Interior design

We can offer the best interior solution for your premises.


We can measure your space quickly and professionally.


We can deliver your purchases straight to your office.


We can assemble all furniture for you.


We can install furniture and kitchen appliances in your kitchen.

Interior design

Our interior designers are ready to prepare and finish design projects as well as give you inspiring tips and ideas on how to choose the furniture or set up your space, from home to office to corporate premises.

Business testimonials

Who could tell better about IKEA business projects than our customers themselves? Discover the interior solutions our designers have implemented and read our customer testimonials. 


Fully equipped and furnished housing has several benefits - there is no need to look for finishing materials, appliances, and furniture, which helps to save time, energy and money. This is why the real estate developer VASTINT cooperates with IKEA.


Family-owned enterprise svaigi.lv is an online food platform selling production of Latvian farmers. With the help of IKEA interior designer, business owners finally have a space where to welcome suppliers and hold meetings. A place that tells story about them.


Wooden house constructor DEKO wanted to reveal all possibilities that summer cottage offers. IKEA interior designers furnished a demo summer cottage so that potential customers could imagine themselves living there.

The joy of giving and receiving

Your employees deserve to be praised for their efforts. Why not treat them with something that gives a flexibility in choosing the gift themselves? IKEA gift card is a great way to say thank you, and it needs no wrapping.

Get inspired to furnish your business

Smartly equipped and inspiring environment has a lot to do with your business results. Looking for ideas on how to furnish and decorate your space? In this gallery, you'll find plenty of solutions to get inspiration from.

IKEA for business Ideas and inspiration

Bringing Christmas vibe to work
Bringing Christmas vibe to work

Work is often referred to as the second home and the colleagues – as the second family. Therefore, yourwork space also deserves to be dressed up for Christmas so that both co-workers and visitors can enjoy the festive mood. This year, IKEA Business decided to bring the Christmas vibe to 3 different businesses.

IKEA Business Interior Designers Linda Ribaka-Orlova and Auce Graudiņa are sure that the premises of a business are a reflection of its identity and Christmas is the time when warmth and personality can be shown. Decorating the workplace together can also be a great bonding opportunity for the whole team that makes everybody think outside the box and offers a way to forget the everyday work for a little while.

Personal yet business-like: a fresh interior for a dynamic enterprise
Personal yet business-like: a fresh interior for a dynamic enterprise

When you believe in what you do, there is nothing that is not possible. Seven years ago, Elīna had a dream. Her dream was to make fresh, seasonal and local products available for those busy city-dwellers. For those, who do not have the time to find the wonderful hidden gems of our countryside. And so svaigi.lv was born. Elīna has always wanted the interior of her business to show its personality, but there was always something in the way. Now, as her business turns seven years old, she has decided that the time is ripe for change. Will IKEA Interior Designer Linda manage to catch the vibe of this business?

Coworking space in the shopping centre “Spice”
Coworking space in the shopping centre “Spice”

Where? Shopping centre "Spice", 2nd floor food area (Lielirbes iela 29, Riga).  When? Every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Visit the new co-working space that we have set up for you - IKEA fans, private and business customers, and everyone looking for a comfortable place to work remotely, meet with partners or have a job interview in an informal environment. More than 248 square meters of space will allow you to use ergonomic work spots, relax, meet new people, share your ideas, and collaborate on new ones. There is no need to book a spot in advance. Just come at a time convenient for you and take any of the available places.