You have probably all heard of the children's play area located in our store and called Småland. Maybe your kids are among Småland fans? However, this is certainly not the only reason to come to IKEA with your kids. We have way more surprises for the little ones: from birthday gifts and special corners in the store to inspiring contests, where you can win a guided tour.

Contest for grades 1-6 "Affordable solutions and daily saving routines"

Application for contest for 1-6 grades “Saving solutions in our daily life” is closed. We heartily thank all participants and soon will contact the winners. Follow information about upcoming contests and opportunity to visit IKEA with your class on our webpage.

You have a birthday. We have a pancake surprise!

You have a birthday. We have a surprise!

There is no such thing as too many birthday surprises and who has told that you have to celebrate one day only?

On your kid’s birthday or two days afterwards get a special surprise at IKEA – a tasty pancake treat. This offer is valid for children up to the age of 12. Let’s celebrate together!

Yes to drawing on the walls

Waiting for parents to shop around or discuss all the details of their future kitchen plan or shelving systems at the store can be tedious. This is why we have set up some waiting areas for kids in the most visited planning spaces. There are drawing tools, but the main attraction here is the fact that one can draw on the walls without even asking! Got bored while waiting in the queue yourself? Grab a pen and amuse with your kids – there is no age limit for colours and fun.

You will find the walls for colouring in the kitchen planning and BESTÅ planning areas, self-serve zone and Exchange and Return zone, as well as Restaurant.