Discover TABBERAS collection of colourful kitchen utensils that make kitchen work more fun for adults and little ones – whether you’re cooking, jamming, juicing, preserving or taking care of leftovers to minimise food waste.

Playful textiles

The patterns on TABBERAS textiles highlight the collection’s theme – to preserve and conserve food. The playful, true-to-nature illustrations of vegetables in bold colours can brighten up any kitchen.

Tired of fruits and vegetables gliding away?

This food slice assistant with a sturdy handle and long pins keeps the food in place when slicing and dicing – even for the younger chefs who want to help.

Impress with vegetable art

By using the slicer with three cutting blades, you can create different patterns of long and round vegetables like courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes and many more.

Chopping, slicing & dicing

The all-in-one bowls

Use these colourful bowls to whip cream, mix cold sauces and store both baked treats and leftovers. You can even keep them in the freezer – and later heat the contents directly in the microwave.

Juice in a flash

This set is perfect for making your own juice from the garden's fruits and berries. Just put them in the strainer, mash and let the juice run down into the glass or bottle. So tasty!

A hidden surprise

As soon as you put something hot on these coasters, they change colour. A fun detail that will certainly surprise your guests when you serve them a mug of steaming hot tea or coffee.

Food containers & other accessories

Some foods are so much better homemade...

With TABBERAS baking mould, you and your children can easily create your own energy bars with oatmeal, dried fruits or leftovers from the juicer. Bake in the oven or freeze – and enjoy your own homemade tasty treats filled with energy.

Oven glove that warns of heat

Pickling, juicing, drying and preserving means coming in contact with many hot surfaces. Thanks to the thermochromic colours, the oven glove changes colour as a small warning when the heat becomes higher than your body temperature.

“It’s usually adults who handle hot things in a kitchen, so we wanted to spark curiosity in children who watch. The solution was to make the colours thermochromic. This means that TABBERAS oven glove changes colour upon contact with heat!”

Designers Anna-Maria Nilsson and Luna Gil

From the sink to the compost

Here you get 3 metres of dish-cloth that you can cut to the desired size, machine wash and use again and again. And when your dish-cloth wears out, you can put it in the compost and cut off a new piece.

One for you and one for your little one

Give plastic bags a miss when you go shopping. Bring these net bags instead, a big one for you and a small one for your child. Use them over and over again – or hang them up to store fruits and vegetables.

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