Whether you prefer heating up food in the micro or love spending hours in your kitchen cooking, we have a wide selection of high quality, energy efficient kitchen appliances to ease your everyday for years to come. 

More order, less waste

Fridges easily get cluttered with daily use, often resulting in strange mystery boxes and unnecessary food waste. This is why we have some useful accessories to help you improve food organisation and free up more space.

For precise, safe and energy-efficient cooking

Induction hobs heat up your pots and pans in a super-efficient way, using less electricity and being safer for you and your family. Our hobs are designed to be practical and efficient at the same time. And they look great too!


induction hob, 59 cm, IKEA 300 black

275 €


induction hob, 59 cm, IKEA 500 black

395 €


portable induction hob, 1 zone black

45 €


induction hob, plug-in 1 zone/black

Old Price 95 €

75 €

More options available


induction hob, 58 cm, IKEA 500 black

375 €

More options available


induction hob, 29 cm, IKEA 300 black

225 €


induction hob, plug-in 2 zones/black

Old Price 145 €

125 €

More options available


induction hob/integrated extractor, 83 cm, IKEA 700 black

1 495 €

Product information sheet


induction hob, 58 cm, IKEA 500 white

395 €

More options available

LAGAN - is a series of low-price appliances packed with all basic functions. They’re built to stand up to everyday demands and are covered under a 2-year guarantee.
MATTRADITION - is a series of affordable ovens, microwaves and extractor hoods that offer the best of two worlds – a classic style and all modern functions.
TILLREDA - is a series of compact kitchen appliances that deliver basic functions at an affordable price. Simply place anywhere, plug-in and cook. Preparing food couldn’t be easier! 
UDDARP - is a series of washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers in a simple, straightforward and space-saving design, with all functions for your everyday laundry needs.

Interior design

We can offer the best interior solution for your premises.


We can measure your space quickly and professionally.


We can deliver your purchases straight to your office.


We can assemble all furniture for you.


We can install furniture and kitchen appliances in your kitchen.


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