Products can be returned or replaced within 90 days from the date of purchase by submitting an original sales receipt, an invoice or a bank statement. If the Buyer is a member of the IKEA Family and has presented his/her IKEA Family card when paying for the goods, he/she can return or exchange the goods within 365 days.

This is an additional guarantee for goods without prejudice to the rights laid down in the law of the Republic of Latvia or their implementation.

The following 90-day return policy terms shall be applied to the Buyer if the 14-day term for withdrawal of purchase-sale agreement specified in the legal acts and applicable to the Buyer has already expired.

The 90-day return policy shall not apply to the goods specified in the conditions below. 

The 90-day return policy terms are as follows:
  • Only the products purchased at IKEA Latvia physical or on-line stores can be returned or replaced.
  • For the full refund, products have to be unused, in their original packaging, and not assembled.
  • If the product was assembled or is assembled, the refund is up to 80% of the value of the product, depending on its condition which is evaluated at the IKEA Return and Replacement Department.
  • The Buyer will be refunded in the same manner as he/she purchased the goods (e.g. if the goods were paid for by bank transfer, the refund money will be transfered to the Buyer’s bank account from which the payment was received), unless the Buyer agrees to another method of refund offered by the Seller. If the product is new but not in its original packaging, the Buyer will get the full refund in the form of a coupon for another shopping visit.
  • If the packaging of the goods is damaged due to the fact that it is not possible to inspect the goods without unpacking them, the full amount will be refunded in the manner in which the Buyer purchased the goods, unless the Buyer specifies another method of refund. 
  • Plants, batteries, custom-made table tops and wall panels, food items and textiles are non-returnable and non-replaceable if the Buyer simply changes his/her mind. 
  • 90-day return policy shall not be applied to goods or furniture bought at the Discounted Goods Department (As-Is). 
  • Household appliances are non-replaceable and non-returneable at the store if the Buyer simply changes his/her mind. Replacing and returning of household appliances is only possible upon a written statement of a certified after-sales service provider. The Buyer can return such goods or furniture within 14 days in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. 
  • If the product is possibly unsafe for reasons not related to the Buyer (i.e. not if the Buyer has damaged the product or part of it), it may be returned or replaced at the Buyer’s choice. In case the Buyer chooses to return such possibly unsafe goods, he/she will be refunded the full amount paid for the goods. 
  • LED bulbs are both returnable and replaceable. If packed, the Buyer gets the refund in cash; if without packaging, the Buyer gets a refund in the form of a coupon for another shopping visit.
  • IKEA gift cards are non-returnable and non-exchangeable for money.
  • Buyers/Consumers having purchased goods at the on-line store shall return them in accordance with the procedure and conditions laid down in the “Rules of Purchase-Sale of Goods at IKEA On-line Store”.
  • If the Buyer needs any spare parts, he/she should contact the Return and Exchange Department or send us an email to

In the event that the 14-day return period (i.e. the period where the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase and sale greement) has already expired and the Buyer wishes to benefit from an additional 90-day return guarantee, he/she shall bear the cost of delivery and return. The buyer shall return the goods to the Return and Exchange Department.

In case of defective or faulty goods, the Buyer has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the “Rules of Purchase-Sale of Goods at IKEA On-line Store” and the legal acts.


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