In the 1980s, IKEA faced an interesting challenge: to satisfy its loyal customers’ who were looking for comfort and elegance. Task was to fill the range with furniture and objects of high-class materials, in timeless design and, as IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad described, the need was of „the best of IKEA collection“. Let‘s see how it was fullfilled.
The job went to Karin Mobring and Tomas Jelinek, two designers whose different backgrounds complemented each other well. The result of the collaboration was a collection launched in 1985 under the name STOCKHOLM. Designer Tomas presented the collection as a group of functional solitaires, rather than a whole set of furniture that had to be bought in one go. STOCKHOLM should be bought as individual pieces so that it can blend in with other interiors, fill empty spaces and form a harmony with the furniture that’s already present in the apartment, in the room. Collection pieces are also truly exclusive ones which for years are for lower price than similar stuff costs elsewhere.

Every piece in the STOCKHOLM collection pays homage to Scandinavian design and is all about giving a true IKEA experience. With simplicity in the center, STOCKHOLM furniture pieces are made from natural materials like rattan, glass and ash wood that are extremely pleasant to touch. The collection's coffee tables, carpets, chairs, mirrors, and furnishings have been designed to fit in easily with the rest of your home. Over the years, various collections have been launched with several different designers. Each has its own expression, but they also have many aspects in common out of which quality is one of the main ones.

Quality products being used even owners change

Designer Ola Wihlborg who worked on one of STOCKHOLM collections believed the furniture should last a long time. By saying this, he meant furniture had to be handed down to future generations which means they’re still being used every day, even though they may change owners. It also meant need for quality.

Quality at IKEA is expressed by long-lasting products that provide long-term enjoyment. We create quality through the way we make products, the materials we use, how well products function, the safety of our products and more. Customers begin building their impression of the quality of an IKEA product even before making a purchase. Quality impressions can be influenced by a product’s form, attention to detail, feeling, how safely it functions and other emotional qualities. A product’s quality and durability is experienced by customers as they use the product over time, care for it and, potentially, repair or disassemble, reassemble it when needed.

80 years of IKEA

IKEA, Swedish furniture company is well known around the world for its Scandinavian design and quality. Company works following the vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” which goes beyond home furnishing. Decade after decade, IKEA has been gaining experience and knowledge to solve customers’ everyday challenges at home, to respond to their changing needs and desires, and offer inspiring solutions at low price.