Life is messy, and we love it. Because there’s something deeply human about mess. People misplace things and “forget” to do the dishes. It’s almost as natural as us being good at helping you sort out your things and create a better, more harmonious home.

Messy kitchen?

Whether it's keeping your worktop organised, or having essentials always at hand, we all need some kitchen storage inspiration and ideas from time to time. 

Even if your kitchen storage space seems to be in short supply, there are ways to remedy the problem. Most often, a few smart solutions for better organisation inside cabinets and drawers can free up more space, keeping things nice and tidy.
Drawer organisers and shelf inserts inside your cabinets are great ways to get much more efficient storage. The flexible UPPDATERA interior organisers not only make it easier to keep the drawers in order, they also look after your cutlery and prevent them from getting scratches or other damages. 

Display and de-clutter

Keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered with closed storage cabinets and a few open units for the most beautiful plates and bowls (or other things you want to show off). We have a wide variety of kitchen fronts to help you emphasise your personal style. Too hard to choose? Then, simply start with white cabinet doors and drawer fronts renowned for their ability to hide the mess of any colour.

Putting walls to work

When worktop space is precious, use the space of your kitchen walls. You can create extra storage by mounting wall organisers such as rails, hooks and containers below the wall cabinets or maximise the unused space by placing a narrow glass-door cabinet between two windows.

No room for living in a living room?

From books and hobbies to impulse purchases, from kids' toys to mysterious cables and wires, the living room can easily transform from a space for relaxation and entertainment into a chaotic mess. But fear not, because we have some brilliantly simple solutions to help you declutter and reclaim your space.

Plenty of storage and display possibilities

BESTÅ storage system is the neat and stylish way to organize all your living room essentials. These cabinets come in many different colours and finishes so it’s easy to find the right one for you. To make even more of the space you have, you can combine BESTÅ with EKET modular cabinets. They will add playfulness and help you optimise any wall, even the one around the window or door.
Shelves and cabinets are necessary and convenient – but don’t let them dominate the view. Devote space for personal expression with books, plants, pictures or decorations.

Now you see it, now you don't

Showcase your beloved things, store books, and make clutter disappear with boxes – or move it away with a mobile coffee table that has practical storage under the top. Multi-purpose and moveable furniture like VIHALS or BORGEBY work wonders in extra small spaces.

Creative clutter or the opposite?

Having your home and work in the same limited space can be a bit chaotic. Not to mention the many things that come with it when you work remotely. Even if sometimes all those documents, sticky notes and pens piling up on your desk can be a source of inspiration, most of the time it only creates visual clutter that decreases your focus and hampers your ability to concentrate on work.

Drawers and cabinets are handy for storing smaller things under and above the desk. Closing them keeps out dust and brings instant calm... until you open them again. Luckily, getting rid of clutter inside your drawers and cabinets is not that hard. If you want to keep everything sorted and organised, use boxes, inserts and dividers that will also give you a better overview.

Time to show the mess who’s boss

Whether you’re working on a new creative idea or preparing a presentation that will dazzle the team, keeping your space organised will help you stay focused. The easiest way to create an organised spot to work or study is by giving everything a proper place. Adding cabinets and shelves on the walls next to your desk would do the job without taking too much floor space.

Visible, accessible or simply out of sight?

Find and combine the right mix of shelving, boxes, organisers, pegboards and other storage solutions to match the needs of your work style.

With our IVAR storage series, you are able to find and put away your things in no time. Just choose one of our already made combinations or create one by yourself by building different shelving units and cabinets together, adding doors, and painting them your favourite colour.

Tidy meets handy

Clever storage like boxes and magazine files can help you keep your desk tidy – and still have all the things you need within reach. You can have as many boxes as you need for work and some separate ones for your breaks. Stack them with gadgets, documents, stationery or snacks (or anything you need to store) to keep your essentials in check and clutter at bay.

Before and after. And after after after.

Mess is not just mess. It’s many new possibilities of a better everyday waiting to be unboxed. A smarter use of space. More harmony at home. More ways to show off our personality. More excitement about the place we live in. Fewer socks mysteriously disappearing. And a constant change, because we all know that tackling the mess at home is a never-ending story.
50% of people argue about mess at home. We think that’s 100% unnecessary. Because if there’s a mess, there’s a smart and simple way to make it go away. And stay away!

Stashed, stored, sorted

Staying organised is a daily task made so much easier when there is plenty of storage. Open storage is great for easy access, while closed storage gives a more uncluttered look. So, however you keep items accessible and in order, we have a solution for you, from capacious transparent boxes with lids to stash away bedding, clothes and clutter, to drawer inserts sorting out your smaller belongings.

Bedroom storage that’s open to possibilities

Whether you need somewhere to store your clothes, or the perfect spot to keep books and other bedtime essentials, PLATSA can cover it all. Combine the frames of different sizes, build upwards and to the side, add cabinets, drawers and shelves, until you’re happy with the result. The possibilities are endless, even when your space is limited.

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chair, red-brown Remmarn/red-brown

15 €

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pendant lamp shade, 57 cm, onion shape/white



side table on castors, 50x50 cm, white

Old Price 44,99


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door with hinges, 60x60 cm, lively pine effect

19 €

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box with compartments, 20x34x10 cm, white


More options available


box with lid, 57x39x28 cm/45 l, transparent

Old Price 11,99


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mirror, 80 cm, black


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floor/reading lamp, white


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