Latvian tradition meets Swedish furniture! The folk dance group Austris needs a designer to lend them a hand. The dancers are longing for a well-organised storage space for their robes, but the space has its challenges. There is a window that would be needed for occasional paperwork but is not beneficial for the clothes, as they tend to become discoloured over time if subjected to daylight. So a well-thought-out solution for clothes storage is a must.

Before: lots and lots of everything

Tucked at the far end of an elongated chamber rests a single window, casting a soft glow upon a collection of traditional Latvian robes and accessories. Amidst the historic treasures, the room craves a revival—a makeover longing for order and efficient organizing solutions. Within its embrace lies the promise of a renewed space, a canvas awaiting the strokes of creative transformation and revitalization.

After: a dressing room fit for Hollywood

Adorning the longest wall, an open wardrobe solution beckons—an ever-evolving canvas for traditional dance ensembles. Adaptable and expandable, it graciously holds attire and accessories. A mirror, framed by Hollywood lights, stands sentinel, ready to reflect the elegance of every twirl and step, inviting a dance through time.

How to store accessories

Designed specifically for the dance group's performances, a storage haven emerges—drawers and shelves housing crowns and intricate Latvian jewelry. Each piece finds sanctuary within labeled boxes, maintaining impeccable order and safeguarding against dust. This specialized space stands as a testament to reverence for tradition and meticulous organization, ensuring every adornment gleams for the stage.

A touch of freshness

Breathing life into the renovated interior, vibrant greenery takes root, imparting a revitalizing touch. Lush plants, nestled in strategic corners and perched upon elegant stands, infuse the space with nature's grace. Their verdant allure softens the lines, bestowing a sense of tranquility and vitality upon the renewed ambiance.

For guests and for own comfort

A cozy sitting corner beckons with a table and four chairs—a haven for visiting dance groups or impromptu gatherings. Nestled within the studio's embrace, it offers both comfort and functionality, fostering camaraderie and accommodating brief, productive meetings or shared moments of artistic exchange.
"This space has its own challenges. The most thought had to go into planning the clothing storage solution on a budget. An open solution allows you to see everything at once and find the needed things quickly. This particular system can also be changed and added to over time, as well as completed with different accessories to make it even more functional."

Previous makeovers

It‘s already the 9th season of “Home idea with IKEA”. Curious about the makeovers that we‘ve done before? Have a look.

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shelving unit, 42x147 cm, white


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plant stand, 63 cm, white


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plant pot, 19 cm, in/outdoor grey


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table, 160x67x75 cm, grey/grey

109 €

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IKEA 365+

jug with lid, 1.5 l, clear glass/cork

Old Price 8,99



plant stand, 71 cm, grey


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memo board with pins, 52x33 cm, cork



hanger, white

Old Price 6,99

6,49 / 8 pack

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tray, 38 cm, brass-colour



chest of 3 drawers, 80x57x73 cm, white/Skatval dark grey

Old Price 152 €

147 €


conference chair, light beige/white

Old Price 89 €

79 €

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shoe box, 22x34x16 cm, white

9,99 / 4 pack


stepladder, 3 steps, 63 cm, beech


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watering can, 2.5 l, in/outdoor galvanised



clothes rail, 80 cm, white

6 €

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chair, grey

35 €


pendant lamp, 42 cm, beige/white



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