The faculty lounge in the music school is undergoing a long awaited transformation! With a harmonious and invigorating color scheme and comfortable seating, it's set to become a haven for the dedicated educators. The renovated space boasts a multifunctional interior, designed to enhance productivity and relaxation. It accommodates meetings, creative work, and moments of respite, fostering a dynamic and harmonious environment for educators.

First comes the idea

All great interiors start with good ideas! This time, the inspiration to renovate came from the Headmaster Ainārs Šablovskis and his Deputy Liene Batņa. They describe the faculty lounge as a creative hub for the whole faculty. The space functions both as a place to discuss work-related challenges and as a haven of relaxation and breaks with coffee.

Before: outdated and uninspiring

The faculty lounge, with its outdated color scheme, feels trapped in time and is described as "morally outdated" by the faculty itself. The decor lacks vibrancy and modernity, overshadowing the potential for a welcoming space. It's in dire need of a refreshing transformation to inspire and energize the academic community.

After: a symphony in blue

The faculty lounge has undergone a stunning transformation with a diverse blue color palette complemented by warm natural wood tones. The cozy sofa corner invites relaxation, fostering camaraderie and comfort. This revitalized space harmoniously blends modernity and nature, creating an inviting haven for educators and fostering creativity and collaboration.

After: zoning for productivity

The renovated faculty lounge offers versatility with a practical corner for quick snacks and work. High tables with foldable high chairs provide a casual spot, while a separate quiet area ensures uninterrupted focus. A compact coffee nook caters to those seeking a quick caffeine fix. It's a well-thought-out space for both productivity and relaxation.

After: a kitchen in shades of blue

In the renovated faculty lounge, a kitchen area shines with natural wooden wall cabinets painted in various shades of blue, creating a visually pleasing and unique atmosphere. It features a practical waste sorting solution, emphasizing sustainability and convenience. This charming and functional space brings both style and eco-friendliness to the forefront, enhancing the overall lounge experience.

A multufunctional nook for a quick coffee

A couple of drop-leaf tables, thoughtfully added to the renovated faculty lounge, offers versatility as a coffee nook. With space for cups and dishes, it caters to quick breaks and coffee enthusiasts. Its dual function ensures that the lounge is adaptable to various needs, enhancing its appeal and utility.

Previous makeovers

It‘s already the 9th season of “Home idea with IKEA”. Curious about the makeovers that we‘ve done before? Have a look.

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easy chair, birch veneer/grey

49 €

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waste sorting bin with lid, 37 l, white


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swivel chair, white



cabinet with doors, 70x35x110 cm, white

129 €


table, 130x70x105 cm, white

169 €

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corner sofa-bed with storage, Skiftebo blue

489 €

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waste sorting bin with lid, 60 l, white


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pendant lamp, 50 cm, aluminium



stool, black

19 €

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bar stool with backrest, foldable, 74 cm, white/white

39 €

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drawer front, 60x40 cm, light ash effect

12 €

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wall-mounted drop-leaf table, 74x60 cm, white

39 €


cabinet, 80x30x83 cm, pine

89 €

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stool, birch

19 €

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