Say LACK and most people think of the original LACK square table. This side table is an IKEA classic that has come out in countless colours over the years. Even though it has gradually grown into a whole series of shelves, TV benches and table nests, let‘s have a stop here near the side table.
Vivianne Sjölin, the range coordinator at IKEA those days, thought that IKEA had too many big, heavy tables made of wood, metal and glass. She wanted to see nice, little, colourful tables that were easy to place with flexible use, and that customers might buy on impulse – almost like a souvenir. IKEA didn’t have a table that you could put anywhere in range back then.

When the construction was finalised, it was left to Vivianne Sjölin to choose the colour. She remembers she said they should come in various shades. In 1979, the table at surprisingly low price came into the range in white and another four colours. Everyone who saw LACK welcomed it with love – and it is loved by customers today too. In Latvia, mostly chosen LACK is white one.

Low price is a kick off of the product

IKEA designers create every home furnishing item ensuring it meets the good function, beautiful form and long-lasting quality, while also securing sustainability and low price. Each of them interacts and influences other as well as adds meaning and value to the low price.

To make products truly affordable for the many, IKEA starts by understanding customer needs and how much they can spend on solving a need. IKEA ensures the prices of our products are always perceived to be low, in all price levels, already when starting to design. Creating low prices relies on cleverly using materials and resources, rationalising production methods and using cost consciousness to reduce costs throughout the entire IKEA value chain.

80 years of IKEA

IKEA, Swedish furniture company is well known around the world for its Scandinavian design and quality. Company works following the vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” which goes beyond home furnishing. Decade after decade, IKEA gained experience and knowledge to solve customers’ everyday challenges at home, to respond to their changing needs and desires, and offer inspiring solutions at low price.


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