Creating a good table lamp at the best price on the market was a tricky task. However, IKEA designers managed to do it back in 2000 by starting the creative process from the price  and finding a way to reduce  costs by skipping the packaging and simplifying the logistics.

Work of 2

IKEA designers Carl Öjerstam and Magnus Elebäck succeeded in by coming up with the idea of using the lamp shade as part of the packaging. When you turn the lamp base upside-down it fits perfectly inside the shade, which protects it during transport. This resource efficiency reduces the use of packaging materials and also contributes to lower transport costs. How brilliant it is! Thanks to this, we can have a distinct design lamp for only 6,99 Eur.

LAMPAN was launched almost 20 years ago and over the years it has been sold in a range of different colours and colour combinations. With its unique form & package within solution LAMPAN has become something of a classic in the lighting range around the world as well as in Latvia. LAMPAN makes any dark corner of the home warm and inviting in thousands of Latvians home!

Form appealing to our emotions

At IKEA, form is about how a product looks and what attracts the eye. Form connects to customers’ daily needs and to their senses, triggering emotions, inviting interaction and touching people’s hearts.

We want the form of the products to contribute to making everyday life a bit more joyful and beautiful. By aiming to create beautiful products we also know that beauty is subjective. So, we work with form to appeal to people’s emotions as well.

Form follows function. Clear, intuitive and approachable form enhances the function of IKEA products by expressing what the product does, the needs it solves and how it contributes to a better everyday life at home. The seamless interplay between form and function, and the interaction with the other dimensions of design, creates meaning for both hearts and minds.

80 years of IKEA

IKEA, Swedish furniture company is well known around the world for its Scandinavian design and quality. Company works following the vision “To create a better everyday life for the many people” which goes beyond home furnishing. Decade after decade, we gained experience and knowledge to solve everyday challenges at home, to respond to people's changing needs and desires, and offer inspiring solutions at low price.


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