What is the IKEA Furniture Buy-back?

It is a short-term campaign, during which IKEA buys back IKEA furniture, which lie around your home and which you no longer need. This way we save planet and give furniture a second life. It is very easy to participate – just a few steps!

  • you can get a financial gain for getting rid of furniture you no longer need;
  • others can purchase the furniture for a significantly lower price;
  • the nature will appreciate the reduced furniture waste.
The furniture, which we buy back, will be taxed and will be sold at the reduced-price department of the store for the basic price plus VAT.

Does your IKEA furniture meet criteria of the Buy-back? To find out that and more, please carefully read the Terms and conditions before applying.

What items can be submitted for the Buy-back?

Only the following IKEA items are admitted for the Buy-back, if they meet the criteria:
  • wardrobes, cabinets, shoe storage, bed frames;
  • bookcases and shelves;
  • chairs and stools;
  • cabinets with drawers and chests of drawers;
  • dining tables, small tables, sideboards and desks, etc.
Only the IKEA household furniture which was bought at any IKEA store and is or has been in the IKEA Latvia product range from the day of opening of the IKEA store in Latvia can be submitted for the Buy-back. The furniture has to be properly assembled, safe, clean, in great order, with no significant defects, unchanged and suitable for proper use by other people.

What items cannot be submitted for the Buy-back?

We want to buy back as much we can, but due hygiene and safety reasons there are some furniture categories we unfortunately do not buy back at the moment.
The following IKEA items are not admitted for the Buy-back:
  • non-IKEA products;
  • IKEA products which haven’t been in the IKEA Latvia range;
  • home furnishing accessories;
  • textiles;
  • separate details and elements;
  • products that have been used outdoors;
  • mattresses and bedding (such as blankets, pillows, etc.);
  • kitchen products, including worktops, cabinets and fronts;
  • household appliances / electronics and lightning;
  • children products such as toys, bedding and mattresses;
  • food and plants;
  • goods in large quantities;
  • items used in commercial context.
Please carefully read all the Terms and conditions, which are available by clicking on this link.

How it works?

Step 1 (from 12.11. until 6.12.). Send photos of your furniture.
  • Send us 2–5 photos to e-mail address atpirksana@IKEA.lv (recommended size per photo: 1 MB).
  • Allow four business days for IKEA employees to assess your submission.
  • If the item meets the terms and conditions, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, provisional amount of remuneration and an application number.

Step 2. Bring the confirmed furniture to the IKEA store.
  • Within 14 days after the receipt of the confirmation, bring your confirmed FULLY ASSEMBLED furniture to the IKEA store.
  • Go to the Exchange and Returns department and take the queuing number.
  • Present the application number you received in e-mail and show your furniture item. An IKEA employee will inspect and assess it and will give the final evaluation.
  • At this stage, the provisional amount of remuneration may be changed and the furniture may be rejected, if it does not meet the criteria.
  • Items brought to the store later than within 14 days will not be accepted.

Step 3. Receive remuneration.
  • If the furniture meets the terms and conditions and if it passes the final evaluation, you will receive an IKEA gift card. The gift card cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Employee will take the furniture and will prepare it for re-sell at the reduced-price department.

To learn more, read the Terms and conditions of the IKEA Furniture Buy-back.

Did you know?

In 2019, IKEA globally gave 47 million recovered products a second life.

Better homes and a better world
When we look to improve the everyday life for the many people, we all need to consider how to reduce our impact on the planet. Does a piece of furniture really need replacing? Could it be given a second life? Our sell-back service is one of the ways we are making it easier and more affordable to live more sustainably.

Fully circular by 2030
We’re committed to being a fully circular business by 2030. To reach this goal, we create sustainable products that can be used and re-used for many years to come, right up until it’s time to recycle them and start again.