About IKEA Company

Welcome inside our company

IKEA is a global values-driven company with a passion for life at home. Every product we create is our idea for making home a better place. At the IKEA Group, we have 403 stores in 49 countries*.

* As of August 31, 2017.
Vision and business idea

"To create a better everyday life for the many people", this is the IKEA vision. Our business idea is "to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them". We work hard optimizing our entire value chain, by building long-term supplier relationships, investing in highly automated production and producing large volumes. Our vision also goes beyond home furnishing. We want to create a better everyday for all people impacted by our business.

Investing for the future

The main financial principle of the IKEA Group is to grow by using our own resources. In other words, we earn our money before we spend it. This makes it possible for us to make long-term investments for the future.

The IKEA vision is the foundation for our growth. We re-invest a majority of our profits in existing and new IKEA stores, as well as in product development, sustainable solutions and by continuously lowering prices to our customers.


Quality products at low prices

We design our products to be of good quality and affordable, always keeping our customers' needs in mind. Read about our process in Democratic Design.

People & Planet Positive

We are working towards having an overall positive impact on both people and the planet while we continue to grow. See more in People & Planet.

When people grow, IKEA grows too

Our co-workers are essential for our continued growth. We see every person as a talent with the possibility to develop. Find out more in Working at the IKEA Group.

IKEA franchising

Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the owner and world-wide franchisor of the IKEA Concept, aims to bring IKEA products to as many people as possible by franchising the IKEA Concept to IKEA Franchisees. Inter IKEA Systems B.V. constantly seeks market expansion, and grants new franchises to markets/territories according to a detailed expansion plan. 

The IKEA franchisee has the responsibility to run, manage and develop their local business, but it does not belong to the Inter IKEA Group.

For a sustainable future

We have a strong tradition of working with sustainability. Find out more information in our People & Planet section.

Creating positive change

For a long time we have been making more from less and creating positive change worldwide. We’re also busy using renewable materials, recycling and turning waste into resources.